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5 New Design Trends for Home Remodels in 2017

It’s 2017 and we are saying “see ya later” to 2016 and old trends. If you are considering remodeling your home in this new year, then keep reading to stay up to date on the hottest new trends for your home. These new looks won’t disappoint!

#1. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

Have you seen how great LG’s (featured) new black stainless steel appliances are? Two-thirds of 2017 homeowners are opting for a dark alternative versus shiny silver metal. Whirlpool also offers a Sunset Bronze stainless steel collection. Either way, your new kitchen can’t go wrong with this gorgeous trend!

#2. Cool Grays

Gray is the new white. Kitchen industry’s leading cabinet makers predict that in 2017 gray will out beat white by far. 71% of designers say that gray is the fastest growing color scheme since 2016 and will continue to surpass any other color in 2017. If you’re looking for color in your kitchen or home, you can’t go wrong with visually pleasing cool grays.

#3. Modern Mediterranean Inspired Design

Research shows that homeowners are opting for the Mediterranean style in their 2017 home remodel plans. Low-pitched tile or Terra Cotta roofs, balconies, decorative wrought iron or wooden window grilles, and open floor plans make for a house that’s like living in a vacation sanctuary!

#4. Extra Large Format Tile

Large format tiles have been showing an increasing popularity in home remodels for kitchen and bathrooms. Experts say that 2017 is bringing even bigger tiles. Like really big, as in 30” x 71”. That’s almost 3’ x 6’! So if you are looking for a larger appearance in your new bathroom, kitchen or living room, opt for extra large format tiles this year.

#5. Built-in Bars

While bar cart trends were all the rage in 2016, built-in bars will be 2017’s entertaining solution for homeowners. Party hosts will be looking to make these areas more of a focal point. With everything from bar seating areas, built-in shelving for craft cocktail fixings, and built-in wine cellars, 2017’s built-in bars will be sure to bring in many joyous occasions for years to come.

If you are planning your next remodel, click here to give CMofSD a call! Our team of experienced designers, architects, and contractors will be sure to make your home all the rage for 2017!

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