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4 Awesome Reasons to use Reclaimed Wood on your New Home or Remodel!

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood, it’s the new trend lately and rightfully so! Have you seen how magnificent it is? Reclaimed wood is an antique lumber that is highly sustainable, eco-friendly and comes from old barns, fences and other salvaged sources. Here are some reasons why you should consider using reclaimed wood for your new project:

It’s Impressive.

Ever walk into a newly designed kitchen or home with reclaimed wood? It’s just so elegantly simple. It’s vintage and using it in your home renovation mixes an old rustic look with a modern touch giving you a homey feeling right when you walk in. It’s unique and no one will ever have the same piece as you.

It’s Gratifying.

How cool is it to know that you are taking a piece of old lumber and turning it into something so magnificent? You can be creative by recycling your old fence and using it in your new build or remodel.

It’s Bringing History into Your Home.

Reclaimed wood has a history and a story that is exclusive to its own presence. Imagine all the stories an old barn from 1910 can tell? It’s so inspirational to know that we as human beings can extend the life of a piece of the earth that would otherwise be thrown away and bring it in our homes for a humbly classy look.

It’s Strong.

Reclaimed wood is durable, stable and solid because the wood was most likely grown before the 20th century, before air pollution came into effect harming the composition of the wood. Reclaimed wood was harvested from virgin growth timber which had hundreds of years to grow before the damage of human intervention.

CMofSD loves incorporating reclaimed wood in our client’s projects and we know the best places to source it! We know that using reclaimed wood on your remodel or new construction can give you a sense of achievement knowing you are contributing to the sustainable practice of the earth…not to mention it looks awesome!

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